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Using the StoryLab

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604.984.0286 ext. 8139

StoryLab Hours

Hours are subject to staff availability.



Tuesday - Thursday


Friday - Sunday


Logo for StoryLab which includes the NVDPL logo of the corner of three books in a circle. The StoryLab logo has "story" writen in different colours and there are floating colured boxes above the word "lab".

StoryLab @ NVDPL

A digital creativity and learning space at Lynn Valley Library.

How will you tell your story? In a podcast, music, digital images, spoken word or film. The possibilities are endless! With hardware to capture video and audio, digitization tools and digital creativity software, you can tell your story any way you like at StoryLab, free of cost.

Explore our spaces and how to use them below.

A corner of the StoryLab with the words "audio" on on door and "video" on another. A wall is visible with the StoryLab logo up high and a blue bench by the floor.

Audio Booth

Equipped with sound mixer, microphones, and headphones, the audio booth is a 7’ x 8’ sound-treated space where you can make audio projects come to life for free. Are you a beginner learning how to work with audio? Or perhaps a sound enthusiast wanting to work on a story idea?

Video Studio

Equipped with lights, cameras, and you bring the action! Make your video projects come to life in this 14’ x 15’ sound-treated space for free. Are you a beginner learning how to work with video? Or perhaps a camera connoisseur wanting to work on a story idea?

Creation Stations

Edit audio, video or images on Mac workstations equipped with a variety of software. Book one of these computers at NVDPL to put finishing touches on your digital projects!

Digitization Station

A Windows desktop computer equipped with software for digitizing materials, be it photographs, negatives, a CD, or an old scrapbook! Book the computer for free at NVDPL to make sure the materials you treasure will stand the test of time. 

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