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About & Leadership Team


Since 1964, the North Vancouver District Public Library has provided exceptional service to patrons in the District of North Vancouver.


At NVDPL, you’ll find well-used and well-loved spaces, a carefully curated collection, including e-books, audiobooks, accessible formats, and diverse, inclusive, and unique programming—all of which are vital to supporting an engaged, connected, and informed community.

Connecting community, sharing knowledge, and inspiring stories is core to all that we do.

Strategic Leadership Team

Our leadership team supports our strategic plan and manages operations across our library system. Check out their profiles below!


Jacqueline van Dyk


Sandi Burgess


Alison Campbell


Alex Etesami


Daria Hrbacek


Jill Klaponski

The Story of NVDPL

Building Our Libraries

The history of North Vancouver District Public Library is one of rapid growth from humble roots.


NVDPL became a tax-supported municipal library in 1964. Prior to that, there were several community libraries organized and run by volunteers, first in private basements or in the backs of stores, and then in community sites throughout the District.

Volunteers were instrumental in gaining District approval for construction of a "real" library branch at Capilano in 1958. The first paid staff, hired when the municipality assumed responsibility for the library, were Chief Librarian Enid Dearing, a part-time cataloguer, and five clerks.

Over the years, the flagship Capilano branch grew and the smaller community sites moved and amalgamated into Lynn Valley branch and Parkgate branch, both of which received renovations and rebuilds to keep up with growing demand and larger collections. The 15,000 square foot Parkgate Branch opened its doors in November 1994, and the new Lynn Valley Main Library at the corner of Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway, was built and opened on November 26, 2007.

The first “express library” location opened in 2022 at Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre, featuring a new library experience with a boutique collection and holds pickup lockers.

A black and white picture of the Capilano Branch in 1969. A patron with their child stands speaking with library staff at the circulation desk. Patrons in the background browse card catalogue drawers.
A black and white photo of children sitting at a table reading books at the old Deep Cove Library, circa 1970.

Growing Our Collection

The library materials collection grew along with the facilities to support the interests of the community and changing technology.


Over the years, the book collection expanded to include audio-visual materials. Vinyl records were added in 1973 and videotapes in 1982. Audiocassettes were introduced in 1985 and compact discs - to eventually replace the phonograph records - in 1988. By 1980 the book stock was 144,134 and the library was planning for automation. Computer cataloguing of new books using the University of Toronto Library Automation System (UTLAS) system began in 1983, and the project was completed early in 1985.

In 1992 the first CD-ROM product was installed on a computer in the Lynn Valley Reference Department and opened up a whole new world of information access. Dial-up access to local public and university libraries from a computer workstation at the Capilano Branch in 1993 was later extended to Lynn Valley and Parkgate. CD-ROM information products were in use at all branches, along with public access to the Internet as of December 1995.

Growth and change were the major themes for the period from the early 1990’s into the first decade of the new century and the Library saw a significant growth in use during this time. By 2007, the number of borrowed items had risen to 1,700,000 and had made NVDPL among the busiest libraries of its size in Canada.

In the 2010’s and 2020’s, NVDPL began offering a variety of non-traditional library collections and services, including electronic devices, games and puzzles, and a creative space at Lynn Valley Library called StoryLab. Accessing library materials from home became easier than ever with e-books, audiobooks and more available online. Program offerings also increased in that time.

As of 2023, NVDPL welcomes over 1.6 million visitors, lends about 1.8 million items, and hosts over 1,700 programs, each year.

A black and white picture of computer carousels in the 1990s at the "new" Parkgate Library, which opened in 1994.
A young boy sits infront of a computer screen at the opening of the new Lynn Valley Library, which opened in 2007.
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