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2024 Teen Summer Reading Challenge: Déjà vu
June 10–September 3

Wait…have we been here before?? Why yes, this year’s Teen SRC theme is Déjà vu! This theme is all about moments of nostalgia and curiosity about the past. 

New books and experiences can take you out of your own place and time to allow you to explore other realities. Find new favourites this summer—someday they might give you a new feeling of déjà vu!

Complete as many challenges as you can and win prizes as you go.


How it works: 

  1. Starting June 10, pick up a Teen Summer Reading Challenge pamphlet at your local library (Lynn Valley, Parkgate, Capilano, Lions Gate).

  2. Choose your 9 favourite challenges, one for each week of the Summer Reading Challenge. (If you want to do the remaining 6 challenges just for fun, please do!)

  3. Starting on July 2nd, each time you complete one of 9 challenges, visit the library to get a small prize and to submit your name into a weekly raffle for gift cards.

  4. If you can show proof of having completed a challenge, you will get an additional raffle ticket.

  5. When you finish all 9 challenges, email and get a book prize! 

Winning Prizes: this year’s prizes are stickers, snacks, and gift cards! You can claim your prizes in person at a library information desk anytime from July 2 until September 3.

Teen Summer Reading Challenge

A illustration of stack of books with a wooden sign displaying the number ‘2024’ hangs over. The top book is purple, embossed with the words ‘TEEN SUMMER READING CHALLENGE’.

Artwork by: Tessa “Artistry” Mills

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