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A person's arm is seen pulling a book from a shelf of library books.

Borrow a Device

Did you know you can borrow more than just books from the Library?

Checkout devices to support digital access at home and introduce yourself to the tech you're curious about.

Devices include eReaders, laptops, radon detectors, and CO2 monitor kits. More information on our devices below!


An ereader is held up against a wall with the words "Create. Share." in colourful letters in the background.


Read on the go! Clara and Nia model Kobo eReaders are available for 21-day loans. 
Learn more Click here to borrow

Chromebook Laptops

A laptop case with "NVDPL" on a chair and an open laptop on a small desk attached to the chair.

Chromebook Laptops

Chromebooks have a variety of functions to support learning, connection, work, and entertainment.
Learn more Click here to borrow

Radon Detector

A radon detector with its screen on is displayed proped up against a window.

Radon Detector

Researchers at Simon Fraser University are studying radon levels on the North Shore and Sunshine Coast. Borrow a kit to participate!

Information on Radon | Click here to borrow

C02 Monitor Kit

A case labelled "CO2 monitor kit" and a CO2 monitor are on display on top of a table.

CO2 Monitor Kit

CO2 Monitors measure the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in an area to give an indication of how well-ventilated it is.

How to Use a CO2 Monitor Kit | Click here to borrow

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