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Explore Your Topic: Climate & Environment

Our librarians have handpicked the most helpful resources on this topic from the Library collection and online.

There are four people helping to plant a tree, One is in the forground taking a tree out of a pot, another is digging with a shovel, one is holding a watering can, and there is one person in the background not appearing to do anything.

On The Web

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

This unique centre offers visitors an introduction to the temperate rainforest and provides environmental education for the local community. Informative and interactive displays present information on the plants and animals of the temperate rainforest and global environmental issues.

North Shore Recycling

Contains information on pickup schedule, drop-off centre, and various resources on recycling and reuse.

North Shore Streamkeepers

North Shore Streamkeepers are volunteers who have an interest in local history, ecology, and lifestyle who are willing to be trained and spend their free time monitoring and improving streams and waterways on the North Shore.

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