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Sandi Burgess

Sandi brings a passion and enthusiasm for public libraries that date back to the turn of the millennium when she first realized the impact that these amazing institutions can have on the lives of the people we serve. From saving library visitors thousands on potential costs related to education and leisure to being the place the whole community can gather to discuss ideas, Sandi has witnessed the lifeline that libraries provides to many and the support we offer to job seekers, individuals with special needs, lifelong learners, newcomers, families, seniors, youth and more.

Sandi has worked in library management since 2003 in both urban and rural systems – Burlington Public Library in Ontario, Elgin County Library and Fraser Valley Regional Library where she managed three libraries in Delta. She has experience working in every functional area of libraries from leading storytime to migrating library database systems and redesigning spaces. In 2015, Sandi served as the President of the Ontario Public Library Association.

She currently lives in Horseshoe Bay with her better half and their two dogs, Wilson and Norris. She loves hiking, kayaking, traveling, theatre and new opportunities to learn.

Contact: | 604-990-5800 ext. 8113

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