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Placing Holds and Renewing Loans

Everything you need to know about placing holds and renewing loans!


Requesting Materials: Placing a Hold

Request any physical item in our collection from any NVDPL location through our online catalogue. If there's no wait, we'll send the item to your preferred pick up location. If the item is popular, you'll be placed on the waiting list. There is no charge to place a hold, but a charge of $2 will apply for holds that are not picked up in time.

You can request a maximum of 30 items at a time. Once you reach this limit, you will see a message to let you know you currently don't have any more room to place holds (e.g., "The maximum number of requests for your borrower type has been exceeded."). Checking out or cancelling one of your holds will free up room to place another hold again. There is no annual limit on holds.

Can't find it?

If you're looking for something in our catalogue but can't find it, check out Interlibrary Loans - you may be able to borrow it from another library!


Getting Notified

You can choose whether you’d like to be notified by email, text, or by automated phone message when your holds are ready for pick-up and you will have 7 days to pick your item(s) up. If you need help with managing your preferences for notifications, please contact your local branch.


Cancelling a Hold 

Changed your mind? No problem.

  • If the item is in transit or has been placed on the holds shelf for you to pick up, you can cancel holds by speaking to a staff member.

  • If the item hasn't been placed on the shelf yet, you can cancel your hold in your online account.

Please be sure to cancel holds before they expire to avoid a fee.


Freezing a Hold

You also have the option to suspend, or "Freeze" holds, which means that the library will skip over your place in line until you "Unfreeze" your hold.

To do this, click your Bookshelf once you're signed in to the catalogue. Click "Holds" at the top, then click the down arrow beside "Cancel Hold" to see the "Freeze" option.

To "Unfreeze", follow the steps above and then click the down arrow to see the "Unfreeze" option.


Speed Reads

Looking for the latest bestseller? Speed Reads are popular, current books for adults that are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved or renewed. Speed Reads must be returned directly to an NVDPL branch.


Fast Tracks

Fast Tracks are new DVDs and Blu-Rays that are available for three-day loans only, and there is a limit of 4 per card. Fast Tracks are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved or renewed. Fast Tracks must be returned directly to an NVDPL branch.



We have an automatic renewal system that may be able to extend the length of your loan on eligible materials as long as no one is waiting for them and they haven't reached the maximum number of renewals (2). We'll send you a confirmation email letting you know if an item has been automatically renewed and their new due date(s). You will also be notified of items that can not be renewed and must be returned to the library.

You can also renew items yourself online: 

  • Log in to your Library Account online by entering your username or barcode and Password (the last 4 digits of your phone number)

  • In your "Bookshelf", choose "Checkouts"

  • Click “Renew” to renew the item.

  • Items can also be renewed in person or through our automated telephone notification system at 236-874-0448.

Note: If you have more than $5.00 in charges, or if your library card is expired, you won't be able to renew your items.

Replacement costs and processing fees are applied to items that are 28 days overdue.

Going on Vacation?

If you know ahead of time that you will be away when your materials are due, please speak with staff about extended loans. Extended loans can be provided for materials that do not have a waiting list or have a shortened borrowing period like Fast Tracks or Speed Reads.

Still have questions? Connect with us for assistance.

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