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Explore Your Topic: Legal Resources

Our librarians have handpicked the most helpful resources on this topic from the Library collection and online.

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BC Building Codes

BC Building Codes

Access BC Codes for safety standards for building and construction, repairs, and more. Includes BC Fire Code, BC Building Code & BC Plumbing Code.

BC Laws

BC Laws

On BC Laws you'll find current laws of BC, including every public Act, regulations, Third Reading Bills, Orders in Council, BC Gazette II and more.

BC Stats

BC Stats

BC info at your fingertips, including statistical reports from BC Stats including census data, economy, labour, environment, government and more.

Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards Online

Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards Online

Access to vehicle safety and inspection standards and related BC legislation to ensure compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act. In-library use only.

On The Web

BC Laws

BC Laws is published by the Queen's Printer for British Columbia in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and the Legislative Assembly. This provides access to British Columbia's Laws, Acts, Regulations and Legal Materials.

COVID-19 Resources for British Columbians

From Courthouse Libraries BC, information and links on housing, employment, legal resources and other topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Your Legal Questions Answered

From People's Law School, a list of common legal questions on work, home, money, consumer, business and court & legal services related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civil Resolution Tribunal

The CRT is an independent online tribunal which resolves small claim disputes $5000 and under, strata property disputes of any amount, and most ICBC disputes.


Clicklaw provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians. Includes resources translated into dozens of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, French and more.

Courthouse Libraries BC

This site provides access to legal information resources and services, both for members of the legal community and the public.


Provided by the Canadian Bar Association, this is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers on a variety of popular legal topics.

District of North Vancouver: Bylaws

Bylaws of the District of North Vancouver. Look up a bylaw by keyword, bylaw number or browse by category. You can also use this page to report bylaw infractions or pay/dispute tickets online.

Family Law in B.C.

Self-help guides with step-by-step instructions on topics such as how to file for a divorce and lots of fact sheets on other family law topics such as grandparents' rights, custody, access, divorce, child support, etc.

Legal Services Society

MULTILINGUAL PUBLICATIONS The Legal Services Soceity translates many of its publications into languages other than English. Find multilingual publications on topics such as: legal aid,
your legal rights, and family law issues.

Legal Services Society

Find out how to qualify for legal aid, how to obtain it, and how to access legal advice and legal information services.

My Law BC (Legal Aid BC)

MyLawBC is a website that provides free tools to identify, manage and resolve legal issues in BC, including: Making a parenting plan with the help of a certified mediator, How to make a will, What to do if you are served with a court document, Coming soon: Child Support Mediation


Powered by the Legal Services Society, MyLawBC gives you the tools you need to identify, manage, and resolve your legal problems.

North Shore Community Resources

Provides legal information, support, referrals and advocacy services for residents of the North Shore. Also supplies Help's at Hand fact sheets and articles on over 200 legal topics.

North Shore Restorative Justice

A peaceful approach to crime and conflict that seeks to address the needs of victims, offenders and communities by offering processes that encourage dialogue, reparation and healing.

People's Law School

People's Law School is a non-profit society in British Columbia, dedicated to making the law accessible to everyone. They provide free education and information to help people effectively deal with the legal problems of daily life.

Residential Tenancies

Contact the Residential Tenancy Branch for information, education and dispute resolution services for landlords and tenants.

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