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Donate Materials

The Library welcomes donations of books and other library materials.

Do you you have a gently used book at home that you'd like to part with? Consider donating your new or gently used materials to the Library! Donations support the Library in a variety of ways, from enhancing our collection with an extra copy of that popular book to supporting fundraising at the library or Friends of the Library organization.

All gifts become the property of the North Vancouver District Public Library, and donations may be added to the collection at the Library's discretion. Most donations go to the Friends of the Library for inclusion in the book sales, the proceeds of which support Library collections, programs, and services. The Library does not guarantee the permanence of a gift in the collection or at a specific branch.

Guidelines for Donating Material

The Library accepts materials in excellent condition from the following categories:

New and recently published books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, puzzles, board games and LEGO that are in excellent condition, complete, and of current interest.

The Library does not accept:

  • Books published more than 5 years ago

  • Magazines

  • National Geographic

  • Textbooks

  • Encyclopedias

  • VHS videocassettes

  • CD Roms

  • Unlicensed copies

  • Outdated computer books

  • Items that are damaged, mouldy, yellowed or marked material

  • Please chat with library staff if you are interested in donating material. Do not leave donations in return drops.

Organizations to Contact

Looking for a local organization that may take some of the items listed above? Please consult the second page of the Guidelines for Donations sheet for a contact list.

North Vancouver District Public Library thanks you for your donation!

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