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System Migration Updates

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our system change.

During our launch in March, we have experienced some unanticipated technical challenges. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused—we are working hard to optimize service with our service provider!

Please take a moment to review NEW information and FAQs.



What will this new system mean for me?

The new system has some great functions to look forward to, including:

  • E-content integration into your catalogue search.

  • A new mobile app and a digital library card available on your device.

  • Increased website accessibility and adaptive formatting.

  • Customized emails/notifications, including text messages.

  • Improved events registration and communication tools.

  • Translation in multiple languages.

  • The ability to link multiple accounts (e.g. parents and children).

  • An option for patrons to customize their preferred name.

Staff are here to help. We will happily walk you through the new system and we appreciate your patience as we all learn this new system together!


How can I access the new catalogue?

To access our catalogue from our website, click “Log In / My NVDPL” in the grey navigation bar. You can also type in:

We recommend adding a new bookmark in your browser or replacing your old bookmark.


What has happened to my Reading History, Shelves, etc.?

Don’t worry—we have your Reading History and other content. Unfortunately, this did not transfer over to the new system as anticipated. We are working to reformat the data and upload to your account, but it will take a few weeks for us to address.

If you cannot see your Reading History and other content by May 1, please contact us at


A hold I was expecting is missing. What happened?

Some users may not have received their holds pick-up notices and their holds inadvertently expired. Please note, we did not charge fees for holds expired between March 7-April 11. The $2 charge for not picking up holds resumes April 12. 

We are working to add patrons back to the top of the queue. If you find that one of your requested holds is missing in your account, please connect with staff so that we can check your account.


I am not receiving notices. What can I do?  

Some users may not be receiving email or phone messages. We are working to restore this function with our service provider and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact staff if you need assistance.


Why have you changed the holds pick-up process? 

Our holds slips were not customizable in the old system and because of this, they printed identifiable personal information. To better comply with BC Privacy Legislation for libraries, we have adjusted the display. 

Slips now include a combination of your last initial, first and middle initials, and the last 4 digits of your library barcode. If you have any trouble finding your material, please ask staff—we are happy to help!


Your new catalogue requires cookies. Why? 

Cookies related to a guest or user session help optimize the experience while navigating the site.  They also let us know how people use the site.  However, no personal information (barcode, name, etc.) is collected.  All user sessions are assigned randomized numbers that cannot be connected to a patron account.


When is the mobile app launching?

Great news—our NVDPL Mobile Library is now available for download:


When is the website being replaced?

We are gearing up to launch our new website later this year! Stay tuned for details.


How can I register for programs?

Our new program registration system is LIVE: The new system allows patrons to register for events online, see all of your program registrations in one place, receive registration confirmation emails and event reminders, download calendar reminders, create your own custom program listing, and more!

If you do not have an email and would like to register for programs, please call your local branch.


Will my current user login name work in the new online catalogue, or will I have to enter my barcode number?

All patrons will need their barcode number and PIN to log-in to the new catalogue. There will be no option to change your username for login purposes, though you will be able to customize how your name appears in your account.


Why is NVDPL doing this upgrade?

Our current system is over 20 years old and needs replacement. Using feedback we’ve received from our patrons about your expectations for a reliable and modern online experience, we’ve been hard at work building a new website, catalogue, and events platform to make your virtual library experience more intuitive, engaging, user-friendly, and accessible. We feel strongly that this refresh will be the answer!

While there will be a transition period, the new system streamlines multiple systems into one that improves the patron and staff experience. It will make it easier to search our catalogue to find not only books and movies, but also digital content all in one place. The web catalogue and our new app will have a modern interface and features including multiple languages, simple filtering, and more.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone can find what they need and, maybe along the way, discover things they didn’t even know we had.


When will things be back to normal?

Your online experience at NVDPL is going to look very different and there will be a new normal now that our system has launched. It may take some getting used to. The transition may be bumpy and you may find the changes frustrating at times. We get it. We’re confident you will appreciate the new features once we all become more familiar with them.

Staff have received training, but there is a lot to learn—please ask us for support and we will help find the answer together! We appreciate your patience as we all learn this new system.


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