Get Started with Library2Go Ebooks

On this page, you'll find information on how to get started with Library2Go (OverDrive), including video and text instructions. You can access Library2Go directly.

Libby App 

Discover the new app by Overdrive, 'Libby'! 

Libby allows readers to navigate and browse more easily across multiple libraries while you’re always one tap away from your loans.

Both Libby and OverDrive app offer the same content from your library. Libby is best for first time users, and provides a simple, yet elegant user experience for current and new users alike.

Users are still welcome to use the original Overdrive app.

Get started with Libby or learn more about it.

Using Library2Go on Your Device

The device profile pages includes links for apps and software to use Library2Go on that device. These pages also list the formats that are compatible with each device and links to text and video instructions for getting started with Library2Go. (For your convenience, we've also included the links to the videos and articles here.)

Device Device profile Videos Overdrive Instructions Libby Compatibility
Android Device profile Videos Article Yes
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Device profile Videos Article Yes
iPod Device profile Videos Article No
E-Ink readers (e.g., Kobo) Device profile Videos Article No
Computer / Laptop (Windows) Device profile Videos Article Yes (Windows 10)
Computer / Laptop (Mac) Device profile Videos Article No
Windows 8 and RT Device profile   Article No

Is your device not listed above? Find more device profiles here.

Get the App

Install the Libby app from your device's app store:

Install the Overdrive App from your devices app store:

OverDrive is also available for Windows and Mac desktop platforms. You will want to download both the OverDrive Media Console and Adobe Digital Editions:

OverDrive Media Console OverDrive Media Console for Windows XP, Vista 7, and 8
OverDrive Media Console for Mac
Adobe Digital Editions Adobe Digital Editions for Windows or Mac

How to install Adobe Digital Editions for Windows
How to install Adobe Digital Editions for Mac
For more information, you can watch these Getting started with Adobe Digital Editions (videos).

Additional Resources

For more information on using Library2Go, please visit OverDrive's help page.

Please contact our E-Support team if you have further questions.

Print-friendly Overdrive App instructions for Apple/Android tablets and smartphones.