Fitness 101: Revealing fact & fiction to get you started, make the most of your workout and stay healthy

This workshop addresses the most common fitness myths, importance of daily physical activity, health risks associated with inactivity and frequently asked questions about exercise. Suitable for everyone from the beginner to the novice to the recreational gym goer, this workshop focuses on empowering those who may lack the knowledge or confidence to incorporate structured exercise in their daily lives. It provides the information and resources you need to get started, get the most out of what you are doing and stay healthy with a consistent routine.

Register online by clicking REGISTER above or at 604-929-3727, ext. 8166. 

About the Presenter:

Kimberley Gage is a Certified Personal Trainer working in North Vancouver and Vancouver. 5 years ago she was sedentary, obese and awaiting back surgery. During her post-surgery rehabilitation, she went from being bed ridden to regaining 100% of her function with functional exercise. This transition inspired her to become a Personal Trainer so she could help others become more active, regardless of their abilities. She learned about the relationship between pain, posture and function and the value of movement, no mater how small. In addition to her Personal Training Certification, Kimberley has also taken Clinical Exercise & Post-Injury Rehabilitation Workshops on Muscle Training & Function and Hip, Knee and Ankle Rehabilitation. Her ideal client is someone who is has a pain, posture or movement issue or concern and wants to restore their function.




Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


  • Teens
  • Adults