The Human Library

Imagine a library where the books are people and reading is a conversation…
Lynn Valley Library 
Saturday, October 21
No registration required. Drop in! 
Reading List
  • 90 Year Old Marathoner 
  • Skiing with a Brain Injury
  • From Katya to Katrina: A Journey from Russia
  • Van Tan Nudist Club 
  • Unstoppable: A Full Life with Huntington's Disease
  • Tales from the Blindside
  • We're All Queer
  • Recovery
  • Ultramarathoner
  • BiPolar Bear: A Creative Way to Look at Mental Health
Be a part of a worldwide project using respectful dialogue to better understand yourcommunity. The Human  Library is designed to provide a safe, neutral space to explore your curiosity through respectful conversations with people in your community.