Other Language Collections

French Language

There are French language collections for children in all three branches with Lynn Valley Main having the largest collection.  There is also a small collection of adult books in French at each branch.

> French language materials for children

> French language materials for adults

Other Languages

We have focused collections of books in Chinese and Persian at our Lynn Vally Main Library.

Some of these are not catalogued. 

You can find those Chinese books that have been catalogued with this link

You can find those Persian books that have been catalogued with this link

Magazines and Newspapers

> Magazines currently received in other languages

> Newspapers currently received in other languages


For most other language DVDs, search for Foreign films  and then select the  "primary langauge" box under By Language on the menu on the left and choose the language you are interested in. 

Other Libraries

There is a list of other language collections at InterLINK member libraries available - see Multilingual Books at InterLINK.