Truth and Reconciliation Pledge Project

On June 2nd, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee released the executive summary of its final report. The theme of the TRC closing events was “This ending is just the beginning”, reflecting the sense that the work of reconciliation has only just begun.

As part of that work, people from within the Aboriginal community are calling on all Canadians to read the executive summary. It’s written in a clear and accessible style, and contains important information about the historical context of residential schools, the legacy of their impact, and recommendations for a path forward.

NVDPL is running a program to encourage people to read the document. Make a pledge today and read the report at the links below.

Printed copy available in the library
Ebook available in Library2Go (as an EPUB or PDF)
PDF ebook
Kindle format

There has also been a crowd-sourced project to read the report aloud and make the videos available through Youtube. The full playlist can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ontwunw

For more information about the project, here is the original blog post that kicked it off: https://zoeandthecity.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/read-the-trc-video-reading-project-readthetrcreport/

Take the pledge...and show your support with this online Pledge Badge. 

Don't forget to SAVE THE DATE for Thursday, September 10 at 6:30pm. The NVDPL will be hosting a special event to honour the pledges and the work of reconcilation.